Are you getting bored of watching the same video many times on YouTube or worried about your limited data connection? If yes, then try downloading it for offline viewing without any interruptions or to save your mobile data as we all know watching content online consumes more data. But there is a problem, YouTube does not permit you to save videos directly to your device gallery. This is one of the biggest reasons for the immense popularity of online downloaders like TubeMate. The digital market is full of video downloader applications but TubeMate holds a special place among them. This guide explains how to Enhance Experience with TubeMate App in detail. If you also want to get rid of watching videos online or to enjoy an offline experience then start your voyage with us.

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Understanding the TubeMate Application

Before enhancing the experience of TubeMate first understand what is TubeMate. It is a renowned multimedia application utilized for downloading videos from YouTube or many other platforms like Facebook and Dailymotion. It is developed by Devian Studios and its improved version is known as TubeMate 3. This version contains unique attributes and an improved interface to optimize your overall experience. Its initial versions focus on delivering a seamless understanding of downloading videos directly to Android devices. Over time it has improved and gained popularity due to its interface and efficient video download capabilities.

Enhance Experience with TubeMate App – Features

Some of the advanced and interesting attributes of the TubeMate application are as follows that enhance your overall downloading experience:

Video Downloading

TubeMate permits you to download videos from multiple platforms including YouTube or from many other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to Vimeo and Dailymotion. This attribute of Tubemate caters to the needs of a broader audience. 

Multiple Resolutions

You can choose your desired resolution from a lower to a higher one easily in the TubeMate application. For example, if you want to save the storage of your device then prefer lower resolutions, or if you desire to relish the streaming expereince most finely then higher resolutions like 1080p best suit your needs.

Background Downloading

This attribute of TubeMate Download enables you to download the content while doing other tasks on your device. Your downloading will continuously happen even if the app is closed. An ideal option supported by TubeMate for multitasking. 

Built-in Browser

For easy and quick searching you can utilize the built-in browser of the TubeMate app. It entitles you to search for your desired video directly within the app. Enhance Experience with TubeMate App built-in browser attribute.

Audio Extraction

This quality usually preserves your device space because in this you can convert any video in the MP3 format. It is the best option for those who like videos without any visuals or graphics.

Resume Downloads

This is a fantastic characteristic of TubeMate that it automatically resumes downloads that were interrupted due to network issues or other reasons.

Private Mode

Secure your downloading with the private mode feature of TubeMate. This attribute permits you for private browsing and download without leaving traces in the history of the app.

Night Mode

If you are a night user and want to reduce eye strain then you can do this with the help of this feature. It converts your lighter theme into a darker one and completely qualifies you to choose the one at your convenience.

Customization Options

If you want to personalize the appearance of the TubeMate app then this feature is for you. You can adjust the themes according to your preferences and boost your overall downloading experience.


TubeMate not only allows you to download the videos but you can also manage them like renaming or deleting any file.

Enhance Experience with TubeMate App – TubeMate 2 vs TubeMate 3

TubeMate 2 and TubeMate 3 are the two prominent versions of the TubeMate app. Let’s reach both to find the resemblances and disparities:

TubeMate 2

TubeMate 2 boasts a straightforward and friendly interface. It permits you to download music and videos seamlessly from multiple platforms. If you want to pause and resume any file then you can do this efficiently in TubeMate 2. It supports multiple resolutions and formats varying from MP3 and MP4 to AAC and OGG. The main feature of TubeMate 2 is that it enables you to pick resolutions from 144p to Full HD and it employs multiple connections for faster downloads.

TubeMate 3

TubeMate 3 boasts a more modern and organized interface. It contains all the attributes of TubeMate 2 and the main difference lies in the improved look or settings arrangements. You can set storage folders and adjust speed limits in the TubeMate 3. This latest version of TubeMate also permits you to download videos in your desired format and resolutions. Now, you just need to store your favored videos on the smartphone or another device for anytime access.

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