TubeMate and SnapTube appear as a frontrunner in the realm of video downloading. Both popular video downloader apps promise to fetch videos from online platforms and save them to your device. But choosing the best one between the two famous titans is challenging. People often ask the query Is TubeMate Better than SnapTube? In this explained guide, we examine the similarities and differences between them so that you can choose the best one. Both SnapTube and TubeMate have their attributes and functionalities or pros and cons. However, the final choice of the best one entirely depends on individual choice and priority. 

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Why do we need a Video Downloader?

Before diving into the best one first understand why people need a video downloader application:

Escape Internet Limitations

It is the choice of those who want to watch videos without worrying about internet connectivity or buffering issues. This is especially useful in areas with poor internet access or traveling.

Save on Data Charges

Watching the same video online usually consumes more data while downloading videos can save on mobile data usage, especially for those with limited data plans.

Create a Custom Library

For easy access and offline viewing, you can download and organize your favored videos as a personal video library. 

Learning Purposes

It is also a choice for students to download educational videos and lectures for offline review. You can even download live streams or disappearing stories with the help of these downloaders.


These downloaders also authorize you to change video formats for compatibility with specific applications or devices like converting a video to MP3 for music listening.

Manipulate Videos 

You can even trim or crop the downloaded video to remove unwanted parts with the help of some downloaders who deliver basic editing attributes.

Save Important Data 

Some people download videos for safekeeping and future reference because sometimes they are removed from the original platforms. 


Watching videos online with free apps often contains ads but when you download them, you can readily appreciate them in an uninterrupted environment. So, video downloaders are also a choice of avid users.

Is TubeMate Better than SnapTube? – Pros and Cons of TubeMate


Some of the attributes of TubeMate that are generally not present in the SnapTube applications are as follows:

  • Direct MP3 Download: TubeMate permits the direct download of audio streams in MP3 format and eliminates the need for conversion after downloading the video. On the other hand, SnapTube needs to convert downloaded videos to MP3s which adds an extra step.
  • Private Mode: TubeMate delivers a privacy mode that hides your download history and saves it from poking eyes while SnapTube does not have a dedicated privacy mode.
  • Multiple Themes: TubeMate contains different themes to personalize the appearance of the app according to your choice while SnapTube delivers limited access to themes.
  • Extension Support: TubeMate is also compatible with browser extensions that permit you to download videos directly from the web pages without launching the app. However, SnapTube lacks this extension attribute.
  • Bookmarking: You can bookmark your favored videos in TubeMate for easy access and build a personalized video library within the application while SnapTube does not have a bookmarking attribute. 
  • SD Card Support: The main advantage of TubeMate is that it lets you store downloaded videos directly on your SD card so that you can free up internal storage space on your device while SnapTube is limited to internal storage.


Even the best app boasts drawbacks and TubeMate is no exception. Some of the drawbacks of TubeMate are shown below:

  • The main penalty of TubeMate is that it mainly concentrates on YouTube downloads.
  • For advanced attributes, it may require more technical understanding.
  • You need to get it from external sources and it is not officially present on the Google Play Store.
  • Some TubeMate displays intrusive ads that may annoy some users. 

Is TubeMate Better than SnapTube? – Pros and Cons of SnapTube


Some of the benefits of the SnapTube application that may not be attended in the TubeMate are as follows:

  • Wide Platform Support: SnapTube extends beyond YouTube and authorizes downloads from multiple platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Built-in Video Converter: SnapTube smoothly converts downloaded videos to MP3 format within the app and eliminates the need for separate conversion tools.
  • Floating Window: SnapTube contains a handy floating window that keeps the download progress accessible and visible while utilizing other apps.
  • Story and Live Downloading: SnapTube enables obtaining live streams and stories from platforms like Facebook and Instagram.


Some of the drawbacks of the SnapTube application are shown below:

  • The swiftness of SnapTube may be slower than TubeMate for explicit downloads.
  • The ads that arise in the SnapTube application are more annoying than the ads in TubeMate. 
  • Like TubeMate, it is not officially general on the Google Play Store and you are required to get it from outward sources.

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