The battle for the best downloader has been increased in the digital world where video downloaders like TubeMate and Vidmate are found. Both applications deliver a treasure trove of attributes from YouTube downloads to live TV streaming but which reigns supreme? Both TubeMate and Vidmate have their benefits and drawbacks and finding the best one is challenging. People often ask the query Is TubeMate Better than Vidmate? In this precise guide, we answer every possible query and tell you about Vidmate and TubeMate in detail so that you can determine the most satisfactory one according to your necessities.

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What is TubeMate?

Take a quick look at the basics of TubeMate and its history before we dive into the most satisfactory downloader. TubeMate is an Android app mostly popular for its capability to download videos from YouTube. However, it also delivers additional attributes like background downloading and multiple format selection. TubeMate was first unleashed as a simple YouTube downloader for Android devices in 2010. It earns vogue due to its exhaustive range of qualities and simplicity of use between 2012 and 2013. It was first unrestricted on the Google Play Store but further, it was drawn due to some violations about video downloads. However,  people still enjoy and utilize TubeMate by acquiring it from external sources. 

What is Vidmate?

To pick the best one between Vidmate and TubeMate, it is essential to comprehend the basics. Vidmate is also an Android application famous for video downloading. It also mainly focuses on YouTube but is also popular for downloading videos from other platforms like Facebook and Dailymotion. Its advanced attributes include live TV streaming and built-in video editing tools. Vidmate was willingly founded in 2014 and achieved favor for its YouTube download abilities. In 2016, it tempted millions of users globally but its concerns about privacy methods were also increased. It was extracted from the Google Play Store in 2023 but you can still reach it through its authorized website or other reliable sources. 

Is TubeMate Better than Vidmate? – TubeMate Features

Here are some of the interesting attributes of TubeMate that make it a popular choice among worldwide people:


The open-source attribute of TubeMate qualifies for greater customization and transparency. This indicates that the code of the app is publicly obtainable which enables its users to alter it according to their requirements. On the other side, the Vidmate application is closed-source which makes it negligibly transparent and customizable.

Wider Format Support

While both applications deliver support for multiple video formats, TubeMate usually supplies an expansive range of options. This attribute of TubeMate makes it an ideal choice for users who require specific formats for their downloaded videos like MKV for lossless quality or MP3 for audio extraction.

Background Downloading

The TubeMate application authorizes its users to download videos in the background even while utilizing other apps on their devices. This can be a convenient attribute for saving battery life or multitasking. Vidmate may lack this background functionality. 

No Ads

TubeMate boasts many versions while some contain ads and some are free from ads. You can smoothly choose the version of Tubemate that offers you an uninterrupted experience while Vidmate is known to contain annoying ads that can disrupt the user experience. 

No In-app Purchases

You do not need any in-app purchases for the capabilities of TubeMate and it is entirely free to use while the Vidmate application may offer certain characteristics and functionalities only via in-app purchases. 

Is TubeMate Better than Vidmate? – Vidmate Features

Some of the notable attributes of the Vidmate application that make it a contender of TubeMate are as follows:

Multi-Platform Support

Vidmate is not restricted to only YouTube downloads and permits its users to download videos from other numerous platforms like Instagram and Dailymotion while TubeMate mainly focuses on YouTube downloads.

Built-in Video Converter

Vidmate comes with a quality video converter that authorizes you to convert downloaded videos into multiple formats directly within the application while TubeMate may require separate tools for format conversion.

Live TV Streaming

Vidmate delivers a unique attribute of live TV streaming that gives you access to distinct live channels across genres like entertainment and sports. On the other side, the TubeMate application focuses on video downloading.

Wider Language Support

Vidmate offers support for a broader range of languages compared to TubeMate making it more accessible to users worldwide.

Video Editing

Vidmate supplies functionalities beyond just video downloading. It provides more editing attributes and theme customization options than TubeMate.

Is TubeMate Better than Vidmate? – Cons

Some of the disadvantages of TubeMate and Vidmate are as follows:


  • TubeMate is not originally public on the Google Play Store and you ought to obtain it from the other outward sources.
  • The ads shown its some versions can be intrusive for some users. 


  • Boasts a complex interface that can be overwhelming for some users.
  • Vidmate collects more user data than the TubeMate app.
  • It contains disruptive ads and there is malware found in some versions of Vidmate.

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